DTL sourcing, l’expert du sourcing en Asie!

Many companies are Constantly looking to Reduce Their costs. For this, They maximize the cost of buying Their products. So many of ’em are buying in China.

DTL Sourcing is the trusted intermediary betweens Chinese companies and suppliers. Since 2008, the team Sourcing DTL source Produces and exports on Behalf of French companies (SMEs, Mainly PMI), DTL Sourcing Accompanies serenely In Their products Made in Asia import process.

Sourcing, how to find good Chinese supplier?

From France, find a good Chinese supplier is not easy: difference betweens French business culture and Chinese (language barriers, distances, traditions, etc …)

Customers are therefore called Expired Expired DTL Sorucing our services Because They need a trusted intermediary based on site and who knows the Chinese business traditions to secure Their Purchases.

How to negotiate with Chinese suppliers?

After an active search for suppliers in China, Responding to your specifications, the team DTL Sourcing Will send a detailed report of the various suppliers found, highlighting The Most Advantageous beg. thesis With cards in hand, you can Identify the plant That Will Be Best ble to assist you in your project.

How to monitor production?

No more negative label « Made in China »! DTL Sourcing Will Prove The Contrary, by Conducting audits at suppliers, making a personalized follow your demand, sample generation to the development board your order for shipment, both,, That certifications in quality and delivery times. At any time, you can contact our team for:

– Unpoint Western view of the quality of the products you are looking for

– A check at the suitability of the product with your specifications

– An update of the status of the order

With DTL Sourcing, You Will associate « Made In China » with Quality, Reliability, Trust, Transparency and Cost Reduction.

Who takes care of the logistics?

Before ordering and delivery, DTL sourcing sends a sample of the product and only Desired confirmation ounce That corresponds to the customer’s request Production That is Launched.

Three steps:

– Monitoring of Production (visits and / or shipments of output samples)

– Quality Control before shipping

– Shipping by boat or plane to the destination of your choice

Why use DTL Sourcing?

1 / DTL Network Sourcing: More than 1000 different plants at your fingertips.

2 / Saves time: A single contact for all Purchases

3 / gain money: Optimizing the cost of purchase

4 / No linguistic and cultural barriers:

5 / Centralized purchasing

6 / productions Contrôledes

7 / Secure shopping

For more information supplier in China , Please visit our website http://dtl-sourcing.com/ .

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